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Re-engineering Neurohistology
for CNS Drug Discovery

Expressive's unique approach means you get clearer results, faster.

We’re a full-service neurohistology company leveraging the power of informatics to return actionable results, on time.

"We have used Expressive Neuroscience for several projects and they always deliver high quality images and analysis in a timely manner.  Great partner for any immunohistochemistry projects!"

Greg Dillon, PhD


We integrate expert tissue processing and advanced fluorescence microscopy protocols with machine learning and a proprietary data analysis platform to provide high-throughput, quantitative neurohistology.   Our unique approach provides our customers with important advantages over both traditional histology and non-histological methods


Working with Expressive

Your Missions

Rare CNS Disorders
Psychiatric Disorders
and Others

Typically 4-10 weeks

Your Modalities

Small Molecules
Gene Therapy
Antisense Oligos
Stem Cells
and Others
Our Measurements

Protein Quantification and Localization
Dendritic Spine Counts
Cell Morphology Assays
Informatics Analysis
and Others


  • Experimental design
  • Animal study coordination
  • Sectioning
  • Immunohistology
  • Diolistic spine labeling
  • In situ RNA detection
  • Confocal and Airyscan imaging
  • Image analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Consulting


Expressive’s team has decades of combined experience in neuroscience and informatics. Let our experts help you get definitive answers. 


Contact us to discuss how Expressive can accelerate your CNS therapeutic discovery.

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